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A select number of autographed copies of Hidden Gem: A Guide to Surgical  Tourism in Cartagena, Colombia are now available on Ebay. 

I’ve had numerous requests for signed copies.  Since I live in St. Thomas, this creates quite the hassle for readers, shipping books back and forth, so I have ordered a few to be placed for sale on eBay, in the travel section.



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Hidden Gem: The unvarnished truth!

Guide to Surgical Tourism in Cartagena, Colombia

Welcome to everyone who came here after reading about the book in print ads!  This is the book page for Hidden Gem, a new guide book for surgical tourism.  As an independent writer, who is unsupported by large book publishing companies, medical tourism agencies or other large agenda driven corporations – National advertisement and fancy ad campaigns are out of reach.

Don’t be fooled by the lack of hype or flash.  This book has substance, and unvarnished truth.  There are no ads in my book. I didn’t sell space/ pages, or ratings to any company for financial backing, or help selling my book.  I didn’t ask for, expect or receive any favors, freebies, gifts or money from any of the people or places I interviewed for this book. That makes me different from most of the guide books out there! 

 The majority of guide books, especially the large ones, make money by selling ad space/ or featured property space in their books.  The triple AAA star ratings that hotels and restaurants have?  Well, they bought and paid for the ‘priviledge’ of having AAA include them in their books..

This book is also unique because it’s written by a healthcare provider, for consumers. It’s written in everyday language that doesn’t require readers to be doctors or medical personnel to understand.

As a practicing health care provider, I also know that the best health care is unrelated to flashy, expensive ad campaigns, marble floors in hospital lobbies, or gourmet catered meals in private suites.  Marble floors are elegant; catered meals are nice but they won’t improve your health, or prevent you from catching a hospital-acquired infection.  (Though the psychology of marble floors does suggest cleanliness; in reality the general sanitation of a facility is a much more rigorous process that takes place out of the public eye.

With that introduction; let me welcome readers again to my website.  Have a look around, and if this product interests you, click on one of the links on this site, or request it at your local bookstore..


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