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If you’ve been following the cardiology and vascular surgery journals – then you’ve been bombarded with articles about strokes in the last two days.

The first series has blazing headlines linking the increased rate of strokes in young people with diet soda consumption (excess salt consumption, obesity, poor dietary habits).

The second series of articles discuss the very topics we’ve been discussing here at Cartagena Surgery.. Surgery versus Stenting..  But as people have been asking, are the two related??

Probably not.  The proposed causes of the increased incidence of stroke in people aged 15 – 44 is theorized to be related to increased sodium intake – which in turn causes hypertension.  Hypertension itself may increase the ‘chipping’ effect on plaques in the carotid artery (in people with pre-existing carotid disease)

or may cause strokes themselves by causing blood vessels in the brain to rupture from the increased pressure.  In young people, it is usually the latter.. (because it usually takes a long time to accumulate carotid plaques.) Unfortunately, it’s this younger population that often goes undetected/ untreated or fails to realize the significance of the diagnosis.  Hypertension/ high blood pressure is a serious condition, and aggressive treatment is warrented.. It’s never just high blood pressure.. It’s THE number one cause of kidney failure, the number one cause of heart failure, and a major cause of stroke (just to name a few.)  and it’s usually easily treatable.


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