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Cancun on a hazy day

I was pleased but surprised when I received an email from Dr. Mario Gonzalez Cepeda, MD who is a plastic surgeon here at the Perfection clinic in central Cancun.  After speaking with Dr. Gonzalez briefly, we arranged for a meeting to talk about the future of surgery in Cancun and the creation of a medical complex catering to surgical specialties.

Dr. Gonzalez, and Luis Arturo Guillermo Irigoyen, MBA, CP, the CEO of Perfection Medical Group met with me to discuss their plans for the creation of a medical city.  Currently in the first stage of implementation, the team at Perfection envisions a free-standing private hospital offering medical tourists a range of specialty services including plastic, bariatric, orthopedic and cardiovascular surgery.  They already have strategies in place to attract well qualified (and English-speaking) providers and medical staff, and will be seeking international health care facility accreditation.

It sounds like an excellent plan to me.  While Dr. Gonzalez will be building a new hospital much of the other infrastructure essential to a successful medical tourism destination is already in place; Cancun is packed full with a wide range of hotels, from the more modestly priced to the elegant facilities such as Rui, Crystal and the Vista Americana.  The local airport already caters to international travelers and receives flights from several North American cities daily (with short flights in comparison to travel to Asia and India).  The surroundings are lush, welcoming and Hispano – Caribbean in flavor, with gorgeous white sand beaches and nearby Mayan ruins for visitors to explore.

Mr. Irigoyen gives an estimated timeline of two years until completion, so we will check back in soon and see how the project is progressing.

 Perfection Medical Group


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