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Reno, Nevada

In case you were wondering, licensed plastic surgeons do not make house calls – at least not to perform surgery, that is.  In another story, highlighting the actions of fraudulent medical practitioners – this hack preyed on naive consumers – and was caught after performing a rhinoplasty (aka “nose job”) in someone’s living room.

As we’ve talked about in previous posts – these shysters take advantage of people’s trust, to scam them out of money, (often injuring or killing their unsuspecting patients in the process.)

In many cases, these phony ‘docs’ prey on foreigners (either medical tourists) or immigrants from other countries who are less familiar with the rigidity of the American Health Care system.  Sometimes they use shared culture or language to con their fellow countrymen into trusting them – thus dually victimizing these people, and unfortunately sowing further distrust of the medical system itself.  However, these stories serve as a potent reminder for consumers to stay vigilant and aware..

For all my readers – just remember, if the situation doesn’t seem right (i.e. no clinic, cash-only under the table deals, or “I just don’t have my license here but I am a famous surgeon back in X…” )  WALK AWAY..  then – do the right thing and call the state board, or the police to prevent these people from harming someone else.

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