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the country homes and farms surrounding the city of Medellin, as seen by air

After spending several days in the beautiful city of Medellin – I am heading back to Bogotá in the morning.   I always tell myself I will fall in love with Medellin, but then I immediately find fault – it’s too hot, it’s too relaxed..

As beautiful as Medellin is – I think I will always prefer Bogotá..  (I realized I had a serious bias when I heard myself complaining to a friend here, “Oh, I could never live in Medellin; people walk too slow.”)

Ridiculous, of course.. But there are always great excuses – when your heart is elsewhere, and my heart prefers Bogotá..  Medellin is a city-lover’s delight; abundant sunshine, warm, eternal spring climate, busy but not overcrowded.. nestled in the foothills with breathtaking views..

While there is still significant crime, particularly in the poorer neighborhoods, things have markedly improved since the late 1980’s – and early 1990’s, when Pablo Escobar single-handedly destroyed this city’s image and reputation.

But Medellin as a mecca for culture and diversity – certainly; with a thousand choices for everything; food, fashion, etc.   Art museums, Boteros by the dozens and galleries galore.

church in Medellin, mountains in the distance

Good public transportation, bustling commerce, culture and arts..  Lower cost

 of  living, making the city more affordable for retirees and tourists alike.  Medellin has it all – and in much more manageable city size (2.5 million versus almost 10 million in Bogotá)..

So just know it’s not Medellin, it’s me..


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