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In the latest horrifying story of unlicensed people performing plastic surgery – a man in Miami, Florida has been arrested for injecting a woman with a mixture of cement, superglue and ‘fix-a-flat’ as a part of a ‘homemade’ buttock enhancement procedure – performed in an apartment.

Hopefully readers can see the many, many things wrong with the above paragraph..  But what I find the most dismaying about the entire episode, is that the woman – who paid 700.00 for the procedure – refused to report this person to the authorities – despite having to seek emergency medical attention on two separate occasions for ‘severe’ complications from this quasi-procedure.

Update: 11/22/2011 – Now more patients with Cement Buttocks are emerging..

Another person has also been charged in this case.

A story in a UK paper suggests this fake doc may be a victim of a botched procedure himself.  (Take a look at these photos.)

Now it appears similar stories are emerging in other cities – including Las Vegas

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We also give tips on finding qualified licensed personnel, as well as conducting our own interviews..


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Dr. John McLean, a now notorious Maryland cardiologist was recently sentenced to eight years in prison for placing unnecessary stents in over 100 patients (and defrauding Medicare.)

An army cardiologist, Dr. John Davis was ordered to payback kickbacks he received from Boston Scientific device manufacturer for preferencial use of their products.

The Chief of the Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore is being sued for unnecessary stents in the aftermath of these high profile cases (including Dr. Midei at St. Joseph’s.)

As for Dr. Midei, himself, who we first mentioned several months ago – after losing his license – he’s fallen from the headlines.

Hopefully, this is the end of the 2011 cardiology bloodbath.



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Phoenix, Arizona –

In a case of criminal malpractice that sickens and horrifies health care personnel like myself – ‘self-proclaimed’ plastic surgeon, Peter Normann was able to delay sentencing after being found guilty earlier this summer in the deaths of three of his patients  – in three separate incidents.

The details of each of the cases are quite frightening, and highlight reasons why trained observers like myself are critical for objective and unbiased evaluations for potential patients.  In one case, another ‘homeopathic’ doctor working with Mr. Normann (not a licensed plastic surgeon) participated in a liposuction case that resulted in the death of a patient.  In two cases – patients died because Mr. Normann failed to intubate the patients correctly (and tore the esophagus of one of the patients.)

In all cases,  there was no intra-operative monitoring during cases – and Mr. Normann’s only assistant was a massage therapist (not an anesthesiologist, not a surgical nurse or trained surgical team.)  Horrifying – completely criminal, and unforgivable and unacceptable.

Additional Links on this case:

Homeopathy in Arizona covered for doctors’ mistakes

‘Homeopathic’ doctor kills patient performing liposuction.

The Times: Surgical Roulette

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this time in Los Angeles, where several individuals were posing as licensed physicians.  A sting operation was conducted after several patient complaints – and injuries.  The story in the Manila paper is here. The LA Times initially broke the story.

Notably, the clinic operators had posted fake degrees and credentials on the walls.  (This is why it’s important to independently verify credentials with state licensure boards).  Anyone with a scanner, and basic computer literacy can print up and fake any document they want..

I’ll keep posting these stories as a reminder for people to use credible sources for information about their doctors (such as well researched books like mine) or licensure boards.

(While most of the stories appear to originate in the United States I think this is probably just a result of our media interests – and what makes national and international headlines.  There are frauds everywhere, who just want people’s money – they don’t care if people get hurt or die in the process.

Unfortunately, many of these people operate for years before they get caught, if ever.

In international news, the need for investigation and medical scrutiny of medical tourism is becoming more and more apparent.  (I told you that Cartagena Surgery was a trendsetter.)  Now, if only we could translate that into book sales.

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I’m still here in Bogota – meeting with surgeons, touring hospitals, researching facilities..

Read an article on-line today that highlights the importance of unbiased, third-party review:

From an Associated Press article on Comcast this morning:

Woman dies after buttocks injection at Pa. hotel
16 hours ago

PHILADELPHIA — A woman who had a cosmetic injection in her buttocks at a hotel near the Philadelphia airport died early Tuesday, prompting a police investigation.

Detectives said the woman and three companions traveled from London and were staying at the Hampton Inn in southwest Philadelphia. Two of them had traveled to the city in November to have their buttocks enlarged and, on Monday, one received another injection while the other had a hip augmentation.

Detective Joseph Murray said the 20-year-old woman who had the buttocks injection later complained of chest pains and trouble breathing. Paramedics were called, and she was taken to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital where she died. Her name was not officially released.

The results of an autopsy by the Delaware County medical examiner’s office haven’t been released.

Police were seeking two people involved in the cosmetic procedures. They said they believe the procedures were arranged over the Internet.

“We’re not quite sure right now if that person performing that procedure is licensed or unlicensed,” said Lt. John Walker of the Philadelphia police southwest detectives division. “We’re still working that information right now.”

Walker said investigators were also awaiting test results to determine the substance used.


So – these people flew across the Atlantic – to be treated in a HOTEL room by people who may/ or may not (probably not) be doctors based on information from the INTERNET..

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