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It turns out that Lalo’s parents are reading – so just for them, I am posting some more photos of Lalo (Dr. Gutierrez).  I emailed copies to Lalo to send to them – but he’s a superbusy intern, so just in case – I want them to be able to see how great he’s doing.. (and so they don’t worry).  I know there have been plenty of times in the past (probably well before blogs became popular) that my family and friends would have liked some regular updates.. (like that summer in Siberia!)

el dr. gutierrez esta operando

el dr. gutierrez esta operando

el dr. gutierrez esta operando con Profesor Ochoa

Happy to say that we have some video footage too (my first Spanish language movie!!) – I previewed it with Dr. Gutierrez, (so he wouldn’t be embarrassed..)  As you all know – my Spanish, particularly my Spanish grammar isn’t great – so don’t be surprised if it’s not perfect in the film.


[In other news – the good doctor (Ochoa) kindly requests that the next movie be set to Coldplay..  So noted..]

Here I am with Lalo - (of course, I'm am looking like heck - but that seems to be a regular thing for me..)


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