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Currently ranked #2 in medical transportation, which isn’t that impressive, since it’s only out of five..

But Hidden Gem is ranked #15 out of the top 100 for plastic surgery..

Thanks everyone, for your continued encouragement and support.


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The price of the Kindle (E-version) of Hidden Gem has been reduced…  Yea!  I’ve always thought it was a bit ridiculous for an electronic version to cost as much (or more!) than the paper version – there are no paper or printing costs, no shipping.. So shouldn’t the price of the product reflect this?   So the kindle version is now available for $3.99.

As many of you know, my commitment to affordable priced media has been a running battle – and that my print version is priced at a break even price for outside distribution.  (I make less than a dollar per copy sold.)

The downside of this is that I don’t get to write as many books as I would like, simply because I can’t afford to.  As an independent writer – I don’t take courtesies, gifts or money  from outside companies, or vendors so my book sales are the only thing besides my pocketbook that support my research trips..


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Now on Kindle for immediate download!


please note – if downloading from the Kindle main page – the e-format has different cover art

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