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We’re here – in Panama City, Panama starting what I hope turns out to be the latest installment in the Hidden Gem medical guide series..  (wow – #4 – can y’all believe it?!!)

firstday 003

In the meantime, as I interview surgeons, take notes, photographs and continue my research – I’ve made some changes to the Cartagena Surgery trio of websites..

To streamline and consolidate the medical tourism information – I’ve transferred quite a few of my posts about the Mexicali book over to the sister site – which has been renamed “Latin American Surgery” in honor of the expanding list of destinations that the series has begun to cover.  Bogotá Surgery just didn’t seem entirely accurate now that there are Hidden Gem guides to multiple destinations.

I’ll still be coming by the Cartagena site – to give some of my more informal impressions, and related stories about my adventures as well as our usual discussions on medicine and health.  After all – Cartagena Surgery and its readers have become like old friends; you know the ones who don’t laugh when you kick your shoes off and have a great big hole in the toe of your dress sock.. (and they don’t think any less of you for it either..)

I like to think that my readers here don’t mind my little side trips into photography, funky restaurants, haunted houses or the myriad of touristy things I venture into whether I am “on-location” or just preparing for the next trip.

I also like to think (and hope) that readers don’t mind my ‘down home’ discussions on medicine and health since I think that’s what is often missing in our healthcare conversations.. Just real honest, straight talk..   (even if sometimes I do get a bit up on my soapbox about some of the things that are frustrating about healthcare..)

So – I’ll still be here – to talk about the sweltering heat of the rainy season in Panama City, post my continuing photography efforts, and all the other things that go on down here.. I just hope you’ll still be reading.


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