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In a disturbing story out of Maryland, the Heart.org reports that Dr.  John Chung Yee Wang, one of the doctors investigating claims of improper, and unnecessary stenting in the wake of the Mark Midei overstenting scandals has now been charged with unnecessary stenting.

Is this just a sign of how incredibly pervasive this practice is?  Is this an example of the widespread corruption of a specialty due to a lack of outside oversight or accountability – and the incredible ease of creating huge profits [by performing unneeded procedures?]

Or is it as some cardiologists suggest, a crazed witch hunt?   I don’t know – but angiography doesn’t lie, and there have been too many cases of 20% and even 10% lesions being ‘over-called’ and stented as critical disease.  This is particularly important now – as a recent study [the landmark Syntax trial] shows that stents are not the ‘miracle cure’ they’ve been touted as.  In fact – one in ten patients who receives a stent has to be re-hospitalized within 30 days.

Overstenting, stent fractures, sudden stent thrombosis* and stent deformities – in the wake of all of this – we need to stop and consider our other options; the ones that aren’t quite as easy..

* Please note that both of these sources are heavily biased in favor of interventional cardiologists.

Supervised exercise programs as effective as stents


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Dr. John McLean, a now notorious Maryland cardiologist was recently sentenced to eight years in prison for placing unnecessary stents in over 100 patients (and defrauding Medicare.)

An army cardiologist, Dr. John Davis was ordered to payback kickbacks he received from Boston Scientific device manufacturer for preferencial use of their products.

The Chief of the Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore is being sued for unnecessary stents in the aftermath of these high profile cases (including Dr. Midei at St. Joseph’s.)

As for Dr. Midei, himself, who we first mentioned several months ago – after losing his license – he’s fallen from the headlines.

Hopefully, this is the end of the 2011 cardiology bloodbath.



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