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Marisol is one of the great scrub nurses from Hospital General de Mexicali… She is always sweet – and has the instruments in the docs hands’ before they even know to ask for them.  I have been trying to get pictures of Marisol for several weeks now – but like most nurses – she is always in action – so many of the photos I tried to take before just have her as a blur in the background..

Marisol (left) plays close attention to the surgery at hand, while Gloria sutures

Frankly, the pictures don’t do her justice – so I will keep trying..


Dr. Gloria Ayala (intern) has been on the service for a couple of days – and we’ve been having a lot of fun.. While thoracic surgery isn’t her great love, she does love surgery – so it’s a start..

Dr. Ayala, throwing sutures in the operating room

Here’s another one of Dr. Ayala

Dr. Ayala

Got a chance to capture Reuben too – he’s one of the circulators – and he’s always been very welcoming to me.. (I have to say that people at this hospital have been extremely welcoming and helpful – it’s awfully nice (and not true of everywhere I’ve been).  There’s very little of that cut-throat – “you’re an outsider” stuff that I’ve gotten before (in English and Spanish)..  There’s a particular nurse in Bogotá that I am thinking of  – four visits to the OR and each time, ‘Nick’ would say, “and who are you?  I don’t know you” in very hostile tones.. (really?  ’cause you have all these Americans just swarming your OR with cameras, right?)  Then he would proceed to insult me the entire case – in flawless English..   He was exceedingly sly about it – so I am not even sure that the attending noticed that he was anything other than ‘chatty’ to the English-speaking visitor..

But everyone in Mexicali – has sure been nice..

Dr. Ayala (right) Reuben (center) and the good doctor

out from behind the camera with Dr. Ayala and the good doctor

Turns out the good doc had an emergency case overnight – so caught him napping during some down time as we waited for patients in the clinic..

(Now that I’ve been a nurse for a while – I can do it too – pretty much curl up/ lay down or even just lean back and drift off for a little bit..)


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