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It’s been shaping up to be a bit of a weird week – as everyone that’s been following on Bogota Surgery knows – it was a rapid change of gears from neurosurgery to thoracics this week.. (and everyone knows how much I enjoy interviewing surgeons from my home specialty). But during this week – the same name keeps cropping up in conversations – Dr. Edgard Eduardo Gutierrez, and that’s when I realized that while we’ve mentioned him from time to time on the Bogota blog – he’s never really gotten proper face time, here at home at Cartagena Surgery.

Of course, my loyal readers of Hidden Gem already know Dr. Gutierrez – since he’s profiled in my book, but let me introduce him to the rest of the world** – since it seems all of Bogota is talking about him.. (okay, to be fair – the Bogota thoracic surgery community).

** since this is long overdue **

First off, I have to say that Dr. Edgard Eduardo Gutierrez Puente has got to be one of the most easy-going, good-natured people I’ve ever met – Which explains why I ended up following him on his rounds through out the hospitals of Cartagena one sunny day.. (or how he ended up hosting some gringa nurse who spoke really bad Spanish). He’d been nice enough to review cases with me – and have me in the OR one day at Medi-help after I’d practically accosted him in the hallway.. Then as we were leaving the operating room, he turned at me with a long stream of spanish over his shoulder ending in “aqui o vamos conmigo?” I missed the whole preceeding paragraph, but caught “or go with me?”

That was it – he was stuck with me. And it was definitely out of the goodness of his heart – and no other motive because, frankly, I don’t think Dr. Gutierrez:
a.) has time to think about medical tourism, or care about being in some first-time author’s book or b.) even knew why I was there..
So there he was, driving around with me, asking him questions the entire time, in my fractured, barely comprehensible, mish-moshed Spanish. But he’d patiently answer, and then wait for me to figure out what he’d said – and then we’d start all over again.

At the time, (he was one of my first interviews), I probably took his graciousness for granted – it’s only now after meeting, and interviewing, interviewing and interviewing my way through my second book, that I realize how kind he was to that naïve little nurse, wandering around a strange city, in a foreign country, writing a book that very few people are actually interested in.

But all of this, doesn’t really matter.. What matters is all the other things; all the qualities and skills I saw during the time I followed him around Cartagena, and its’ operating rooms.

It didn’t matter if we were in the upscale Medi-help clinic or the aged, struggling Universitario de Cartagena; he was kind, gentle and empathetic with all of his patients.

There are a lot of things I could say, and have said in my book about Dr. Gutierrez, his operating style, adherence to surgical protocols and overall dedication to his profession. But to me; his kindness and compassion said it all.

Update: 20 April 2011

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– so I am glad to see Dr. Gutierrez get some well deserved recognition for all his hard work..  The blog was also one the featured daily blogs for wordpress yesterday – congratulations, Dr. Gutierrez!


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