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As most of my long-time readers know, encounters with two surgeons in particular, during the writing of my first book had a profound impact on me – and ultimately led to significant changes in my career..  (It’s funny how unintended efforts / small encounters can have such effects.  I am sure that Dr. Gutierrez never anticipated that spending a day in the operating room, and visiting patients with a gringa nurse would lead to all this – I certainly never did.)

But this week was the first time I had the opportunity to see one of those surgeons, Dr. Edgard Gutierrez in quite a long time.  It was wonderful to see him – he remains as friendly and enthusiastic as always.  Even better – he tells me that he was recently joined in Cartagena by a second thoracic surgeon, so he finally has some relief from the 24/7 frantic pace of caring for a million-person plus city all on his own.  (The addition of a second surgeon also gives him more time to work on some of his academic projects, like writing up case reports on some of his more interesting surgeries. )

He also reports that he has done several more dual-port diaphragmatic repair cases since we last communicated, along with several other interesting cases.  (I could have talked to Dr. Gutierrez all day, but alas! we had a conference to attend.)  It was wonderful to see him – and to hear about all the work he has been doing.. I volunteered to be his gringa nurse, but ….

(Too bad- I am sure it would be an enlightening/ informative and valuable experience!)

(We were too busy catching up to remember to get any photos.)


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