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View from Above Dallas

View from Above Dallas

Now if you’ve ever seen the old 1980’s television series, Dallas, then you’ve seen the gleaming glass highrise buildings that characterize the city of Dallas – and much of big-city Texas..

A lot has changed in the more than thirty years since this show was originally aired (in fact – there is now a sequel series).

The freeway segment of the intro is a good example – since it has now expanded to Jetson-like proportions, with ongoing construction making it one of the largest freeway systems in North America. Some of the decks are over six stories high..  Compare the scene from the video with the photo here, for example.

The freeway hovers above much of the city - a modern day 'Jetsons' skyscape

The freeway hovers above much of the city – a modern-day ‘Jetsons’ skyscape

The city itself has exploded in growth – and has one of the fastest growing (and healthiest) economies in the United States; now boasting the label of ninth-largest city in the USA, third-largest city in Texas.

(How big are the economies of US cities?)  Bigger than that of many countries according to this Huffington Post Report.

The baby sister to the mammoth city of Houston has a population of 1.2 million in the city proper.

If you are interested in the history of the buildings downtown, and more information on the architecture – there is a great website here by local Dallas architect, John Roberts.

Downtown Dallas also contains some of the most infamous sites in American history; the Texas School Book Depository and the Grassy Knoll..

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