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While we have discussed plastic surgery safety here at Cartagena Surgery several times, (you can read more here, here and here), it’s time to talk about “less-invasive” and “mini-surgery” techniques such as Botox.

It seems like everyone is offering injectables these days.  In many countries, including the United States – these treatments are offered in multiple places outside the plastic surgeons’ office by a multitude of practitioners including non-specialty physicians, nurses* and high-end salons.  Do you really think that your dentist should be giving you Botox?  Or your hair salon?

These treatments including Botox (botulism toxin), Restylane, juvaderm and other dermal fillers are often used as ‘refresh’ and rejuvenate the face without surgery.  Fillers are used for lip plumping and filling out fine lines and wrinkles. (Note: Botox is also used for several other ‘off-label’ uses.)

However, I’d like to remind everyone to use caution when choosing to use these products.  While less radical than surgery – these treatments are medications and need to be used cautiously (just like any other medical or surgical treatment).   Botox, in particular, when used incorrectly has been linked to several deaths.  Unlicensed practitioners have also been caught using unapproved substances such as construction grade silicone – leading to serious health consequences (this is what happened to Priscilla Presley about fifteen years ago).

The other thing we should talk about beside potential health complications, is the reason injectable and non-surgical treatments are such popular options.  We all want to look good – so shouldn’t you see a specialty trained professional?  When seeking cosmetic results – the results should be cosmetically pleasing – by someone with the experience to perform this properly, not an eye doctor, a dentist or beautician.  A board certified plastic surgeon is the best option to ensure that a person has the best results – without looking artificial or ‘frozen.”  It may cost more (but not always), but aren’t natural, pleasing  and safe results worth it?

* For example, as a licensed nurse practitioner – for a 200.00 fee and a one day course, I could (but am not) be ‘certified’ to give Botox and other injectable.  It doesn’t matter whether I have previous experience in plastic surgery, acute care, neonatal, family medicine or even if I have experience giving injections.  Other nurses, doctors, and paraprofessional personnel are eligible to take this and similar ‘short-course’ training seminars for injectable, laser treatments and other ‘minor’ plastic surgery procedures.


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I’m still here in Bogota – meeting with surgeons, touring hospitals, researching facilities..

Read an article on-line today that highlights the importance of unbiased, third-party review:

From an Associated Press article on Comcast this morning:

Woman dies after buttocks injection at Pa. hotel
16 hours ago

PHILADELPHIA — A woman who had a cosmetic injection in her buttocks at a hotel near the Philadelphia airport died early Tuesday, prompting a police investigation.

Detectives said the woman and three companions traveled from London and were staying at the Hampton Inn in southwest Philadelphia. Two of them had traveled to the city in November to have their buttocks enlarged and, on Monday, one received another injection while the other had a hip augmentation.

Detective Joseph Murray said the 20-year-old woman who had the buttocks injection later complained of chest pains and trouble breathing. Paramedics were called, and she was taken to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital where she died. Her name was not officially released.

The results of an autopsy by the Delaware County medical examiner’s office haven’t been released.

Police were seeking two people involved in the cosmetic procedures. They said they believe the procedures were arranged over the Internet.

“We’re not quite sure right now if that person performing that procedure is licensed or unlicensed,” said Lt. John Walker of the Philadelphia police southwest detectives division. “We’re still working that information right now.”

Walker said investigators were also awaiting test results to determine the substance used.


So – these people flew across the Atlantic – to be treated in a HOTEL room by people who may/ or may not (probably not) be doctors based on information from the INTERNET..

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