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Interesting new article in the Montreal Gazette on medical tourism for Canadian citizens.  The article makes the point we discussed here on a recent post – that Canadian insurance should make the move to support medical tourism/ medical travel for Canadians due to cost and access issues.  Canadians, like Americans, face a myriad of issues when it comes to healthcare – lengthy waiting periods, increasing costs and difficulty obtaining ‘nonstandard treatments’ as mentioned in both these articles, citing the same patient..

In other medical tourism news, Michael Zey has published a new book talking about the future of healthcare, and medical tourism plays a large role in this, and cost containment.

Expect to see more pitches for Malaysia and medical tourism – the Malaysian government added additional financial incentives for hospitals there that cater to medical tourists.. Malaysia remains a fine option for Australians and others in the nearby vicinity – despite continued worries over the Indian superbug.


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