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Still waiting for the first shipment of books to arrive!  (three weeks later).  Island mail service is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered.  It makes you think about how much the postal service is taken for granted in the mainland; you send something – it arrives, usually in a generally orderly and timely fashion.  Not so much here –  It’s the sort of thing that living on the island, you just have to accept, shrug or  laugh at. 

Now, all my mainland readers that ordered the book when it first came out have already received it – and have been sending me comments (all good so far!)..

Now that Colin has been downgraded – there’s hope that the books will arrive by Friday.   (That way I can offer the book to island residents and visitors..)


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I’d like to welcome all my long time readers to my new Amazon.com Author’s page.  I have added this blog to my Amazon page, so viewers to either page will be able to keep up with book news, and events.

Hidden Gem: Best book ever written!

Guide to Surgical Tourism in Cartagena, Colombia

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Hidden Gem: A Guide to Surgical Tourism in Cartagena, Colombia

What do you really know about your doctor? Is  he just a nice genial person, a fellow golfer or crackjack surgeon? What really goes on behind the closed doors of the operating room? These are questions that thousands of people cannot answer, and most do not even  know what questions to ask. 

As an insider in  the world of surgery, I not only answer these questions, but I tell you more about the doctors of Cartagena, Colombia then you know about your long-term doctor down the street.  These answers are more important than ever,  now that our failing medical system is at a point of eminent collapse. Surgical specialties are  particularly hard hit, as older surgeons retire  with few new physicians choosing to take on the overwhelming responsibilities in a increasingly litigious society for less and less compensation.  

Surgical tourism is not the answer  for everyone but it’s certainly part of the equation and it might be solution for you. For about 20% of the cost of treatment in the United States, with no  waiting, patients can receive state of the art,  boutique surgical care in new and modern facilities.  

Hidden Gem: A guide to surgical tourism in  Cartagena, Colombia answers all of these  questions and more, while giving concrete, and detailed information to help plan your surgical trip. This travel sized book also provides  general health and safety tips for prospective  patients to prevent medical complications while traveling.  

Many Americans, even well informed, well educated professionals are unsophisticated when it comes  to being savvy health care consumers. We pay  far too much for far too little, with unrealistic  expectations and mediocre outcomes. This  book explains how to become a better  consumer of health care services, and how to  better communicate with health care providers.  This book may save your life.

This is the book we’ve all been looking for – with the factual information you need. 

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